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Put our expertise to work for you. At Actor Source-Dallas, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the Dallas community.
Gabrielle Elyse
Gabrielle has had both tapings and private skype coaching with Wendy.  She is successfully navigating Hollywood as you can see here on IMDB SO Exciting :)
Michelle Sherrill
Wendy is my favorite videographer in the metroplex. I use her and recommend her to all my acting students. She spent many years as a working actress in LA and brings that invaluable experience to her taping sessions. Additionally, she is currently a working actress, therefore understands the current projects and castings. She is constantly researching shows that her clients audition for, keeping up with casting directors requirements for taping and exploring the cutting edge of video audition production quality in the LA and NY markets. Finally, Wendy is an exceptionally well trained Improv coach. She has coached my audition material more than once. If you ever have an audition with minimal lines but heavy reaction and physicality you know how important Improv is. Wendy rocks!
Claudia Church
Being that the majority of auditions these days come in the form of taped audition submissions, most actors are at the mercy of their own camera’s and whatever reading partners they can talk into helping them. While driving recently to Dallas I received a request from my Nashville agent to put myself on tape for the first episode of the second season of ABC’s “Nashville.” I was in a panic due to leaving my camera at home. I then remembered my agent, Melissa, at The Kim Dawson Agency had sent me a list of local taped audition studio’s. I discovered Wendy Louise Pennington was just around the corner from my parents home. When I called her she was very accommodating to fit me in the following day in order to make the audition deadline. Wendy was not only very affordable, but she was also one of the most talented actors I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. And we quickly had one of the best taped auditions I’ve ever submitted. My agent even called to tell me I nailed it. I received even better news when I was told I had network approval and had booked the role! I will be coming back to Wendy again and again! I will never self-tape when I’m in Dallas. Thanks Wendy! I really appreciate your expertise!!
Bookings and Testimonials! Studio Located just east of Plano!
Jeff Savage 
I have been learning and growing my acting skills this summer with Improv Dallas, led by the talented Wendy Pennington-Smith! I invite you to check out and Like their page, and I highly recommend this to all of my agency, actor, and model friends and associates.

Improv is a fun, group-oriented activity that can enhance all areas of your life, even if you're not an aspiring comedian! The skills you learn can be applied to everyday situations, and Wendy makes learning the craft engaging and fun!

Improv Dallas offers classes for beginners, for the intermediate / advanced, and performs live shows around the DFW area, as well as making their own short films.

Take a chance! You'll have a great time, interact with GREAT people, and might learn a thing or two about yourself! 
There are no words to express the amount of gratitude I have for Wendy Pennington as both an acting coach and mentor. Her improv class has not only helped me with auditions, but has also improved my overall self-confidence. Almost every audition I have gotten involves some type of improv. While most of the other actors find it uncomfortable and silly, I feel completely in my element and prepared. I had two auditions that included improv in one week and I booked one and got a callback for the other. Her class has also helped me in my personal life. I’m listening more to what people are saying, paying closer attention to my surroundings, and am more ready for the unexpected. Along with Wendy’s improv training, she has also been a great support system as I’ve started my journey into acting. Whenever I have questions or need private coaching, she is more than willing to help. She’s always sharing her knowledge of the business and encouraging me to not only be a good actor, but also be well informed on the career path I’ve chosen. Thanks to Wendy, I have not only grown as an actor but as a person as well.
Kayla Pele